13 More Title In Kindle Unlimited

Bob Mayer
2 min readMay 4, 2024


Jefferson Allegiance

I recently put more titles into Kindle Unlimited across an array of genres.

The Jefferson Allegiance was a national #2 bestseller when it came out. It’s the first book of the two book Presidential series that mixes history with a modern thriller. The second book is The Kennedy Endeavor.

The five books of the Shadow Warrior series are also in KU now. They are all individual reads so you can check them out in any order. From a military coup in The Line to facing nuclear Armageddon in the Omega Missile. As with many of my books they are thrillers steeped in history. There is also The Omega Sanction, The Gate and Section Eight.

Shadow Warriors

Psychic Warrior and its sequel, Psychic Warrior: Project Aura have been optioned for potential development as a streaming series given the advances in CGI since the story is about using AI Avatars and being able to project them into real world. The core of it is based on a real program we did in Special Forces called Trojan Warrior.

Burners and Prime are based on one of my favorite ideas: how do you live when you know exactly when you will die? They are post-apocalyptic thrillers.

Then two standalone books: The Rock and I, Judas: The Fifth Gospel.

In essence, for those of you who enjoy Kindle Unlimited, a lot of new reading to enjoy.

PS: The Liz Danger series is also in Kindle Unlimited now.

Nothing but good times ahead, especially with Rocky Start coming out next month.




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