Off-road, Arkansas

The first leg of my recent road trip was across Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma and into New Mexico. One of my goals, as it is every time I hit the road in the Wanderer, was to stay in the wilderness and avoid civilization except for the need to gas up.

As I noted in my previous post, I usually sleep in the cargo bed of the Wanderer. During this trip, I tent-camped only once. Using the cargo bay has a lot of advantages: it gets me off the ground on a smooth and level platform. It’s much faster than putting up…


I’ve been in Tennessee a while now and never really thought about the state’s name. I assumed it was Native American, but figured it might mean “Lots of Rocks” or “Hilly on one end, flat on the other”.

I was on a All Who Wander wander the other day in the Jeep. I have two Gaia maps open, one via Apple Car Play and the other on my iPad. Saw an unimproved road (my favorite kind) in Cherokee National Forest next to the Little Tennessee River. I could tell it was a dead end on a peninsula into the river…


Crowds act differently than individuals. What was a peaceful protest or event can quickly escalate. No matter what your role, even as an innocent bystander, it pays to be prepared. Also, you can unexpectedly become caught up in an incident while in transit from work, school or traveling.

This also applies to any crowded environment where things can get out of control: Sports events. Concerts. Movie theaters. Any time there is a crowd, there is a possibility for an incident that will get out of control. People have been killed and hurt at these events.

On the left is the…


When I reached that scene, I almost stopped watching. It just seemed too over the top. It’s early in them movie so there’s no need for a spoiler alert. Nicolas Cage is trying to get some information where his Pig is and in order to do that, he must participate in a secret, underground fight club of restaurant workers.

Like, really?

Then again, I write about aliens, so who am I to scoff? But there had to be a reason for it. I’ve read reviews where people say the actual scenes weren’t important, it was the overall theme that was…


We just watched Pig, starring Nicolas Cage. It’s an intriguing movie that achieves something rather remarkable in an odd way. I’d heard it called John Wick loses a pig and it isn’t that at all.

I must be honest that about fifteen minutes in when it went secret, underground, restaurant worker fight club, I was like: “WTF?” and almost done with it.

I think a huge problem for this movie is no one seems to know how to market it. It doesn’t neatly fit into a genre or summary.

In a way, it’s a series of scenes, some of which…

Area Study

It focuses your effort and saves time & money.

Everyone’s situation is different. We’re different individuals. We have different households/situations. We live in different places with varying climate, terrain, and possible natural and man-made disasters. Thus, before we begin to ‘prepare’, we must know what we’re preparing for and what we’re working with.

By doing a good Area Study, you save time and money because you’ve focused on your priorities. You need to know your assets and your threats. You also have to get the right supplies, training, and gear for your specific situation.

In Special Forces, what made us…

Think how big a gallon jug is? Consider hundreds of thousands of those jugs, each weighing over 8 pounds, moving. That’s power. Add in the following equation:

Six inches of moving water will take a person down. One foot of moving water can sweep a car away. In the desert. In fact, deserts are particularly prone to flash floods due to rocky terrain and lack of vegetation and dirt to absorb rainfall.

Having commanded a Special Forces A-Team that was focused on Maritime Operations, I learned first-hand the power of water. To demonstrate this, the instructors at the Royal Danish…

Tomorrow War

I have to be honest; I fast-forwarded through a good portion of this. Amazon and Netflix put out a lot of movies and they often have the most intriguing one-liners or premises, then are done on what is obviously a shoe-string budget.

Tomorrow War wasn’t done on a shoestring budget but it was unevenly made. There were times, as a writer, I saw threads develop, that never delivered.

The premise is intriguing: people from 2050 are coming back and recruiting people from our time to fight in their timeline. However, thinking on that, my next thought is: really? That’s the…

No Quarter

The fifth Will Kane book, NO QUARTER, is out today in eBook, paperback, and, something new, hardcover. And, it’s also in Kindle Unlimited.

This was a tough book to write because Kane goes through another transition in it. We do finally find out who the triggerman was on the Cambodia mission years previously, but Kane, in the present, is dealing with an adversary who seems to be one step ahead of him. As all my books do now, the story evolved with deeper implications for the figured into the plot.

The ending, all leaves Kane’s future wide open. My goal…

Bob Mayer

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