A review of The Man in the High Castle

Who am I to critique the unique mind of Philip K. Dick. I might have to re-read this. I went in slanted after watching the TV series. The book is quite different from the show, although the core concept is the same. Just a heads up.

What I love about Dick’s stories is he questions reality. Is reality perception? Is my reality your reality? Looking back, I see it’s at the core of everything I write, especially now with the Time Patrol. Once you begin to question reality, it raises many questions. What is right and wrong? What do we base our decisions on?

In a way, one wonders how much of himself Dick sees in the Man in the High Castle, who only appears near the end. With a large dose of fatalism.

One a lower level, the What If of World War II is always fun to play with. I think we sometimes take history for granted, not understanding how easily so many things could change. In a way we’re all just accidents. What if the Union had attacked at Gettysburg on the 4th of July, the day after Pickett’s charge; as Lincoln wished? What if there had been a Declaration of Emancipation to go along with the Declaration of Independence? This is why I love being an author, and reader. To ask those question and write them, and to read how others cover them in their writing, such as this book.

I recommend this book for some serious reading.

Here is the link for the Kindle version:


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