Cool Gus: Leftovers: Lots of Questions, Lots of Satisfaction

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After binging a season and a half of Leftovers, I told my wife: they better wrap this up and not leave us hanging. Her reply was that the ride was good enough.

The ride was up and down. Some episodes were yawners but most of them were deep examinations into the human condition. Particularly family. There were also a number of odds vignettes out of sequence from the story. Also, episodes that focused on a character other than the main ones.

For those who havent watched it — Cool Gus says it’s worth it and gives it his paws up. Definitely worth your time.

Now — spoilers ahead.

Was there a payoff?

Yes. Did it answer all the questions? Not even close. In fact, if you start thinking, you start seeing some big plot holes.

But here’s the thing. The ending gave emotional satisfaction. Nora and Kevin. Finally. They belonged together. Kevin committed to her, late, but it’s never too late when you hold a candle for someone.

Was he immortal? Was he mentally ill? We can pick what we like, but he seems to have resolved his issues by the end.

And Nora related a twist that’s so obvious but it never occurred to me over all the episodes. Brilliant. What if the 2% had the 98% disappear? What kind of world would that be? Of course, my first thought was, if Nora got the guy to invent the machine to come back, wouldn’t more 2%ers come back? Or had they all built new lives?

Regardless. We liked it.

Cool Gus gives it three of four paws up!

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Originally published at on June 12, 2017.

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