Cool Gus reviews El Ministerio del Tiempo– The Ministry of Time

Following my not so thrilled review of The Titan, a Netflix original, I found another show on Netflix regarding time travel, a topic near to my heart given my Time Patrol series.

El Ministerio del Tiempo is, obviously, Spanish. Subtitled, which I actually kind of like. Spanish, unlike German, is easy on the ears. Not as exotic as French, where even getting called nasty names sounds good. Anything in German sounds like its going to be followed by an actual Blitzkrieg. I liked the Norwegian in Nobel, which I reviewed earlier and is a must see on Special Operations.

I digress, as I often do. Anyway, I’ve watched the first three or four episodes of Ministry of Time and it’s fun. The concept is familiar– doors to different times in the past. They don’t go overboard explaining it, which is always good.

The spiral staircase going to the doors looks a bit like my spiral in the Possibility Palace, but great minds think alike. The characters are likeable, have troubles at home or losses.The attitude of the employees as government workers is fun and there is some nice humor here and there, such as the guy complaining about his Xmas bonus being cut. But also some poignant moments, nicely balanced.

I really want to wear one of those big hats with the feather on the side and carry a rapier after watching this. But NOT the stupid gendarme hat.

Sure, as with any time travel story, there are huge plot holes, but I like learning more about Spanish history, which this series focuses on instead of the same stuff we get in the USA. Should Spain enter WWII? Do most Americans even know which side Spain was on in WWII? Or if it was even involved?

Cool Gus gives it three of four paws up! Check it out.

Originally published at on April 4, 2018.

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