Cool Gus reviews Paterno on HBO

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Paterno covered a very difficult topic. The focus wasn’t so much on Paterno as the reporter who initially wrote about the story, but even then, it moved around a lot.

I thought it was well done.

Overall, the feeling I had was one of sadness and disbelief. While there was awareness of what Sandusky was doing, it seemed no one wanted to really face it. They knew it was wrong but it just didn’t seem important enough for any one person to step up inside the institution. That is rather stunning but gives one an idea how easily people can duck responsibility and pass the buck.

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Spotlight was a better movie, focusing on the Roman Catholic Church in Boston.

In both cases we see how adults who have no experience in this area treat is as relatively insignificant without understanding how utterly life-destroying adults preying on children can be. It destroys a child’s development in ways that can never be fixed. They are broken and they will always be broken. At best they can cope with it.

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Al Pacino did a good job presenting Paterno as confused, touched by guilt, but overall oblivious. The next game was always more important.

A game is not life.

Cool Gus gives it three paws up with a cone for sensitive material.

Originally published at on April 13, 2018.

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