Day 157: 2020 Pandemic. It’s Still Not Too Late To Get Prepared. Because It Ain’t Like It’s Gonna Get Better

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I wish I could be more optimistic. I am at a certain level — I think the average American is a decent person. The problem now is beyond the average American.

Also, the reality of climate change is becoming starker by the month, not by the year. It’s not only the weather changing, but the very landscape. We will see more natural disasters. Wildfires, hurricanes, earthquakes, oh my. Yeah. Even in Kansas.

So why prepare now? This free slideshow explains why.

Who Dares Wins: Special Operations Strategies for Success.

The Green Beret Pocket-Sized Survival Guide (same as above, minus the preparation part in order to be smaller in print)

The Green Beret Preparation and Survival Guide. Also in Kindle Unlimited.

West Point grad; Special Ops Vet; NY Times bestseller of over 80 books; for free books and over 200 free downloadable slideshows go to

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