Day 247: 2020 Pandemic. COVID-19 Event Risk Assessment Planning Tool Rates Every County


We are living in a surreal environment in the United States. We have a president who lost an election, claiming he didn’t lose it and spending all his time pedaling absurd conspiracy theories while undermining what little is left of democracy after his four years of blights.When he’s not golfing while the country burns down. COVID cases are record levels. Over a thousand people a day are dying and the number is climbing.

Meanwhile, the party that conducted ten investigations into Benghazi and four dead Americans, has not only conducted zero investigations into the abysmal handling of a quarter million dead Americans, they’re still holding hearings about the “Russian hoax” which their own party already released a thorough report on and validated. They also are doing nothing at all to help Americans deal with the virus or the economic fallout, but rather echoing the man who would be king. Every day we delay the transition, the more dangerous it is for our national security. Which the party that wraps itself in the flag could obviously care less about.

None of that is political or “libtard” propaganda. It is what is happening. Right now. Someone died from COVID-19 before you finished reading the two paragraphs above. Someone will die before you finish reading this.


Cases per day have DOUBLED this month alone. At this rate, the future is bleak. Hospitals are already beginning to triage. There are people with medical emergencies that aren’t COVID who will die as ancillary victims because they won’t get treated.

If you care at all, there is a program that can tell you what your risk level of contracting the virus is if you desire to go outside and attend various types of events. I don’t think people should be attending any voluntary event because, well, lots of people are dying. Plus, even if you don’t die, we don’t know the long-term effects of the virus.

There are other tabs to check other aspects. Bottom line; keep going out and around people without proper precautions, you will get it. We are going to have around a half million dead by inauguration.

We might well reach our death toll from World War II by the end of the year. Do you want to be part of that?

Green Beret Preparation and Survival Guide.

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