Day 36: 2020 Pandemic. Did I Miss Something? Did This Already Peak Across the Country?

Bob Mayer
2 min readMay 8, 2020

16 April 2020 (imported to correct account)

Listening to the news today it felt like a lot of people are acting like we’re on the downslope of this pandemic, while I feel like it hasn’t really come close to peaking in most parts of the country, including where I live. NYC is just beginning to do a slight dip after apparently leveling off but its only been a couple of days and hundreds of people are still dying there every day. The national toll has almost doubled in just the past several days.

Yet all the talk is about reopening. Yet there aren’t enough tests, we don’t know enough about getting reinfected and so much more is unknown. And if Trump is saying the governors have to do it, what exactly is this “task force” to reopen the country made up of Republican senators and his daughter and son-in-law doing?

I have to admit I am very confused. I understand people are getting frustrated but there is so much disinformation out there, it’s frightening. We went ape shit after 9–11. Hell, lots of people are screaming about four dead at Benghazi. We’ll be close to the Vietnam War death toll in a week or so.

I think people need to slow down and study the reality a little bit more. We haven’t “won”. This thing isn’t fighting us. It’s a force of nature.

Let’s see where we stand at the end of this month. People gave me shit and were comparing it to the flu just 36 days ago. Now over 38,000 people at least (and that number is way off on the low side) and those same people are screaming “Let’s get back to normal!”

There shouldn’t be a get back to. We need a new, smart normal.

Stay safe. Stay positive. Be like Cool Gus. Or even Scout.

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PS- guns don’t work against a virus.

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