Day 40: 2020 Pandemic. Check Your Oxygen Saturation As An Early Sign of COVID-19 Induced Pneumonia

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20 April 2020 (imported to correct account)

We’ve heard all the news about the need for ventilators; a big reason for that is because by the time many people are admitted to the hospital and testing positive for COVID-19, their blood oxygen levels are dangerously low and they’ve basically had a stealth form of pneumonia for a week or more.

Most of the time when you get pneumonia, you are very short of breath. But COVID-19 affects the lungs differently and you can feel reasonably fine despite the fact you are hypoxic.

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If you start experiencing any of the other symptoms of COVID-19 it would be wise to track your blood oxygen level. If its going down, that’s a danger sign!

I’m not a doctor and that discusses it by a doctor, but it makes sense.

I bought a pulse oximeter today at the local CVS. It appears others have learned of this because they are on back order on Amazon, although not too badly and I’ve noticed a lot of backordered items are shipping faster than posted.that Amazon says will ship in a few days.

The CDC info on symptoms is below. Here is .

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PS-had a new book come out today: . Part of the plot revolves around a planet-sized virus, so I like to think big! If you watched Picard, it’s in that vein.

Stay safe. Stay positive. Be like Cool Gus. Or even Scout.

. Also now in Kindle Unlimited.

(same as above, minus the preparation part in order to be smaller in print)

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