Day 99: 2020 Pandemic. One of the these COVID-19 graphs is not like the others

Bob Mayer
2 min readJun 18, 2020

And it’s even worse than the reported information. We know a number of states are playing fast and loose with their numbers and under-reporting. Also, we’ve seen a sharp decline in New York City in the past month, where the numbers were making up a disproportionate percentage. What the U.S.’s relatively flat line means is we’re increasing dramatically across the country. Each day has various states hitting all-time number that are reported.

A month ago ,I was predicting mass graves in Florida. I’ve been wrong about the mass graves in New York City — they weren’t being buried three deep on Hart Island. The dead were being stacked in freezer trailers. The same will soon happen in Florida.

I’m not being gloom and doom. I’m being realistic. I’m stunned when I see people acting like all is back to normal. It’s not.

If you’re thinking of going to a rally this weekend, consider this graph of Tulsa cases. It will be interesting, and sad, to see what happens two weeks from now.

While the mass protests aren’t good either, it seems being outdoors has a much less likelihood of transmission than being indoors. Regardless, take preventative measures. Oddly, there are people who view not wearing a mask as a political statement. It’s more an intelligence statement.

What can we do?

Protect yourself. Minimize the amount of time around other people, particularly indoors.

WEAR A MASK. Give a shit about people! That’s a human statement, not a political one.

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