Do You Know Your Creative “Process”

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Process is something many of us never consciously focus on. Yet we all have one as artists. How we create a world, a story, out of just our imagination. How we translate that story through the sole medium of the printed word into a vivid story in the minds of readers.

I’m somewhere around manuscript number 70. That means I’ve written over five million published words. And a lot more that were never published. I learn from every book I write. It seems I learn more each year, which is kind of scary, given I’ve been making a living as a writer for a quarter century.

The last five or so years I’ve really focused on my creative process. Honing it. Learning from other writers and their process. Each of us has a unique one, but we share many traits.

My wife and I have run numerous Write on the River Workshops and while we have a formal description of the workshop, I think the key to it has been helping each writer who attends uncover their process. Bring it into consciousness where it can be molded from craft to art.

Process evolves; it isn’t static. As we learn more, we adapt. I’m a much more free-flowing writer now than I was just a year ago. A big reason for that is that I have more trust in my process.

Process is psychological. Each of us focuses on different things: character, setting, voice, pace, tone, plot. Each of us ‘researches’ differently. Often we’re unaware of what we’re doing. I’ve found that the more aware we become, the better writer we become.

My wife has worked with many authors, including #1 NY Times Bestsellers. I’ve taught thousands over the years. Between us we bring to different types of processes to our teaching, which makes for a very unique experience.

We’ve had 100% positive feedback from participants. Of course, some of that could be the champagne. But even after that wears off, we hear from participants for years. In fact, we ended up starting a Retreat for Workshop graduates who just want to come back and hang out for a weekend and write and chat.

Or maybe they just want to see Cool Gus and Sassy Becca.

If you’d like more information: Write on the River. We’re currently scheduling our next couple of workshops and each is limited to four slots. If you have any questions feel free to drop us a line at

Originally published at on March 24, 2016.

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