For Writers: Writers Block and Rewriting

Argh!!! Rewriting. Yes, I know some people actually like it. Honestly, it is better than writing. At least you’ve got something to work with.

As you’ll see, I’m not a big fan of writers block. I call it laziness. However, this is something that can’t be taught: there is a point at which your subconscious begins to nag at you, then scream at you, that you’re screwing up. That I’ve learned to pay attention to. We only use a certain percentage of our brain’s power in our consciousness. My hope is the rest of my brain is working for me, not against me.

Most of the time that seems to be true. Here’s a free slideshow:

Writer’s Block by Bob Mayer from Cool Gus Publishing


Originally published at on November 19, 2016.

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