Game of Bones: Episode 2. Or Are They?

Although Gus, not yet Cool, did not immediately show potential for the temperament and courage required to sit upon the Throne, he was chosen from among his siblings and sent to Bannerman Mayer, in order to prepare him.

His trainer was the legendary Hannah, of the Long Hair Shepherds.

His training was consistent with that of a knight: ball-chasing. Bone wrestling. Water operations. Peeing and pooping in the correct manner.

Gus showed aptitude for ball-chasing and water operations. And eating, but it is said a Lab of House Wyntercreek who doesn’t eat is probably a poodle.

While his brother Uno, aka Wyntercreek Party of One, was chosen to propagate the line, Gus chose an aesthetic life of chastity. Chose might be overstating it. It happened.

Hannah kept Gus on his paws, teaching him the finer arts. Together they challenged the Narrow Sea.

They stood many a lonely guard duty on the edge of the Green Islands.

Slowly, very slowly, Gus was becoming Cool.

But there was trouble on the horizon. As always in the Great Houses, family can be the cause of competition and a year after Gus, another of Wyntercreek came into the world. One who would challenge Gus and test him to his limits.

Next. Episode 3. Becca, daughter of Wyntercreek Party of One & Dress Me In Buckskin.

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Originally published at on July 17, 2016.

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