Games of Bones. S1 E1: The Green Islands

Season 1. Episode 1. Game of Bones: The Green Islands.

It begins with the birth of Gus, not yet titled Cool.

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He was born of a mighty and ancient lineage in The Green Islands in the northwest portion of the Seven Kingdoms not far from the Wall shielding the Kingdoms from the cold and dangerous wilderness of OhCanada. More a line than a wall, but we might get a Wall one day. Except, not there, but there. But still.

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His Sire was the renowned Snowberry Blackthorn Bravissimo of Wyntercreek. The sigil for the House of Wyntercreek is the profile of the mighty Lab. All tremble when they see packs approach flying that flag!

His Dam was the forlornly named: Hope Floats.

Other notable ancestors for Gus in the Green Islands: Dickendall Arnold; Sailin’ Cajun Casnaova; Langshott Gale Force; Weathertop El Nino; Somersett Old Black Magic; and who can forget Riverlane Heartbreaker?

Out of such a lineage, legends are born!

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Coming in Episode 2: Or Are They?

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