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Another classic film my wife found. I think she might have too much time on her hand. Right now she’s reading the NY Times as she does every day. It’s the Sunday edition and she reads every single word.

We watched this 1958 film, Home Before Dark, the other day. We constantly remark to each other that film used to deal with the issue of mental illness a lot more than it does these days.

The protagonist, played by Jean Simmons, has just come home from a mental institution, which is always an interesting hook. Crazy? Not crazy? Gas-lighted?

You keep asking yourself that as the movie goes on, because although it appears her husband is the bad guy, she also might be a little bonkers, to use a DMSV term.

It’s a relatively simple story, but it’s not just about mental illness. It’s also about what true friendship is; and how much “liking” someone is more important than “loving” someone. How a real friend is someone you can call in the middle of the night and all they say is “How can I help?” BTW, that’s one of our favorite lines from The Royal Tenenbaums spoken by Danny Glover’s character.

If you’ve got some time, look it up and watch it. Cool Gus gives it four paws up. Which means you have to scratch his belly.

Originally published at on February 4, 2018.

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