How Many Phone #s Do You Know?

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Like, really know?

I remember when we had letters at the start of phone numbers in New York City, but we also used tin cans and string to call each other.

But, seriously. If you had to use someone else’s cell phone, or, God Forbid, yes they do exist, a pay phone, to call, and you didn’t have your contact list or autodial, how many people could you call? Everyone in your family?

At the very least we should know the phone numbers of the members of our household. The checklist below should be in your kitchen and everyone should have a copy of it at work/school and in their car. This is Task #2 from The Procrastinator’s Survival Guide. We start slow and with the basics and then build (BTW, Task One was getting two cases of bottled water per person in your household)

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Task Two

The goal of this survival guide is to get people who know they need to do something, but aren’t sure where to start, to start. Most prep and survival books jump in at the deep end. We start slow and build. More to come.

Originally published at on January 20, 2019.

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