Independence Day. FREE. Area Study Work and Survival Guide .99

As we head into the holiday weekend, I hope everyone has a fun and safe time.

In celebration, Independence Day (Time Patrol) is free until 5 July.

My two main book on preparation and survival are both either .99 or Kindle Unlmited:

The Green Beret Area Study Workbook

The Green Beret Preparation and Survival Guide

The workbook came out this year and everyone who has gotten has benefited greatly. Writing it forced me to do some work I hadn’t done before and I discovered things about the area I live in that I didn’t know. I think everyone could benefit from it and doing an Area Study can be great family project.

Independence Day has one of my favorite Time Patrol missions when Roland goes back to Gettysburg in 1863; the day after Pickett’s charge, where there is pressure for Meade to counter-attack across the very same ground that so many Confederates died on the previous day. If you’d like to listen to it for free, you can do so here on Soundcloud

If you’re going out on the water this weekend, a reminder that always wearing a life vest is like always having your seat belt. The very nature of the word accident means it’s unexpected. While a life vest might be within arm’s reach that might not help in an emergency. I wrote about my own experience kayaking on the Little River in TN here.

I wish everyone the best.

As a side note, after exhaustive study over the decades, I’ve come to the conclusion that dogs sleep a lot.




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