I just watched the last episode of the first season of Barry. So spoilers ahead, but let me say I think it’s worth watching for those who haven’t seen it.

I ask whether Barry is redeemable because essentially the last line Barry utters after committing an act most of us would label unredeemable is “starting no–” and it cuts out, but essentially he’ s saying he’s changing “starting now” except he’s said it a couple of times before and ends up killing others.

There are two shocking killings where he essentially executes someone in order to maintain his freedom. The first, of his fellow Marine, is tough, even for Barry, but the guy should have gotten out of the car. Also, he was culpable for being part of the bum rush. On the other hand, he did save Barry’s life.

The second, of the police officer is the big issue. She didn’t deserve it. She was doing her job. His motivation there was 100% self-serving.

Of course it just occurred to me that I’m assuming the police officer is dead. Hmm. Perhaps a twist that we learn of in season 2?

So. The question is, how can Barry redeem himself in the second season? Can he even be redeemed? Redemption is the most powerful arc, but sometimes you run into a character who CAN’T be redeemed. In the movie Passengers is the Chris Pratt character redeemable after waking up Jennifer Lawrence? I don’t think so. The script tried to bail him out with the fact she, and everyone else, would have died, if he hadn’t but the fact he didn’t know that when did the act doesn’t excuse the act.

The closest example to Barry might be Dexter and they certainly kept him around a few season too long.

One wonders what Barry will do in season two. What do you think? Is Barry redeemable? Or perhaps we’ll have a season of an unredeemable character which could be interesting.

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Originally published at bobmayer.com on May 16, 2018.

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