Latest Book is FREE today and Tomorrow

Bob Mayer
2 min readMay 22, 2023

The Survival Little Black Book, my latest publication, is free on Amazon today and tomorrow. It’s filled with practical advice in bite-sized portions. It’s the fourth in my Little Black Book series with more in the pipeline. The next will be The Elements Little Black Book, because everything around us is made of the elements and how much do we really know? I learned a lot writing this book.

In addition to the usual deals, Valentines Day (Time Patrol) is free and Area 51: Interstellar is only .99 or Kindle Unlimited. Interstellar can be read separate from the rest of the Area 51 series because it takes place on an Earth like planet whose revolt against the Airlia takes a different path.

We should have a publication schedule for the new Crusie/Mayer trilogy this week. I’m hoping to have Shelter From the Storm, the next Will Kane book, publishing early this summer.

As we head into warmer weather, one key piece of advice that saved me on one particular occasion: if you go out on the water, it’s not enough to have your life preserver nearby. You have to be wearing it. The very nature of an accident means its unpredicatable. Therefore, better to be safe.

Enjoy the week and next weekend’s holiday!


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