Live, Die, Repeat and Repeat?

I just re-watched Edge of Tomorrow, re-titled Live, Die, Repeat by the studios, with my uncle who is visiting. I noted some things I hadn’t caught first time around. Also it was just announced that there will be another movie, but not a sequel, but a prequel sequel, which makes sense. I can see pitching this as Groundhog Day meets Alien. The man who wrote the story said he was inspired by video games, where you get to come back to life and re-fight the same battle over and over until you master it.

I’m not a big Tom Cruise fan but I though this was one of his better roles as he was able to poke fun at himself. Emily Blunt was very good in her role as Sergeant Vrataski.

In LDR, a couple of things. When they kiss at the end– not sure I buy it. She only knew him for that day and didn’t seem in her character.

Also, she was the hero of Verdun– while it sounds cool, Verdun is in France. Yet when they show maps, the Mimics own most of mainland Europe, including Verdun. So what gives there? I must have missed something.

And, it occurs to me– did we stop making tanks? The suits were cool but sort of the way Starship Trooper went off the rails big time, it seems like tanks would make crunchies out of aliens. (Crunchies is what tankers call the Infantry BTW). Lots of cool tilt wing aircraft, as a jumpmaster thought the “jump” sequences were cool, but there were no tanks on the beach. Even on D-Day, they pushed to get tanks on the beach with the first wave, rigging some with canvas boats around them– almost all sank. No tanks, no artillery, no naval gun support I could see, some jets flying high overhead, but the focus is on the grunt. Of course, combat always comes down to boots on the ground, so . . .

I’m in that pondering time travel thing as I finish up Valentines Day for publication later this month.

Nothing but good times ahead. And ahead. And ahead. And yesterday. And today. And tomorrow. Creeps in that petty pace from day to day– okay, enough.

Thoughts on LDR?

Originally published at on May 13, 2017.

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