Love And Terror On The Howling Plains Of Nowhere

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My wife can find the weirdest shit on TV. She always has the remote and she’s always right about whatever she found. Truly must see TV. Last night we watched a couple of things in our quest for enlightenment and she brought up this documentary with the rather intriguing title above.

It’s a murder that might be a suicide but no one knows. In a small town in the middle of nowhere Nebraska. I’m not trying to insult Nebraskans– I’ve been out there, and it’s a long way from one place to another. I remember driving some road and out of nowhere there was a stop sign on a four way intersection.This after miles and miles of nothing.

The local cafe in the town I visited was the aptly named “Chat and Chew”. I went to dinner with a friend and we went a piece down the road for some steak. To Yankton which is in another fraking state. South Dakota which I believe is still at war with North Dakota.

Anyway, the town in this documentary has one stoplight. And a university. And a whole bunch of, let us be nice, intriguing people.

So Cool Gus’ recommendation (it’s currently available on Amazon) for some interesting and far out watching is

Originally published at on February 2, 2018.

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