Off The Beaten Path Holiday Gifts

Nine days until Christmas and we all could use some help in gift shopping. Since my brain works a bit outside the bell curve (and as my wife points out– not necessarily on the good side all the time) I got to pondering this.

I put together some items that I’ve found useful and people should have, just in case. These aren’t as sexy as, well, something sexy, but they are useful. They’re on my Freebies page.

I carry the Leatherman on my belt all the time. As you can see, along with the little flashlight in the same sheath. I use both every day. Even though we have a flashlight app on the phone, the pen-light works a lot better. For things like finding my wife’s reading glasses under the bed. Life-saving tasks.

Some of these would make good stocking stuffers. The Leatherman Crunch was a gift from my old business partner, Jen Talty, and it’s in the Jeep on the Smitty-Bilt seat covers where I can reach it from the driver’s seat. I use that a lot as the vice grip is very handy.

I won’t go into all of the items, and there is more info if you click on the boxes. But just some suggestions.

Nothing but good times ahead, but if the zombia apocalypse does come, many of these items will be very useful! As is running faster than the person next to you, but don’t tell them I said that.

Originally published at on December 16, 2018.

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