One Day Special FREE: Area Study Workbook and New York City Little Black

Bob Mayer
2 min readMar 1, 2023
Area Study

I’m making the Area Study Guide free because I feel it’s an extremely important book. From events like the train derailment in Ohio to winter storms to power outages to drought, doing an Area Study can make you better prepared to face them. My wife and I are looking to move and I’m doing Area Studies for locations all over the country to consider both the immediate and future threats in the area.

An Area Study is what we did in Special Forces prior to deploying to any part of the world. One of the annexes of the book is the Area Study I did of where we currently live and despite having been here for years, it was a real eye-opener. You can have a lot of fun with your family doing one.

New York City Little Black Book was more a labor of love for the city I grew up in. Lots of facts and history I didn’t know. It also has useful information if you ever visit the place, such as how the subway maps work. Lots of fascinating tibits and an easy read.

If you do download and take a look, please leave a review.

Of course, there are other freebies today, such as The Jefferson Allegiance, one of my favorites as it accurately predicted the Constitutional crises we are going through. My premise was that Jefferson and Hamilton were smart enough to know what could happen and prepared a secret document, The Jefferson Allegiance, to handle it. There’s also Three Special Operations books in one bundle at a steep discount, or free is you have Kindle Unlimited.

I’ve been watching 1923 and just wrote a post about Waiting for Spencer, because, well, you’ll have to read it to see what I think.

Jenny Crusie and I will make a decision shortly on what we’re going to do with the Liz Danger trilogy and I’ll send out a newsletter once that’s done.

I hope everyone is making it through the crazy weather.

Stay safe and stay happy!


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