Ozark. Brutal, Engaging and the Ending We Deserve

The last half of the last season of Ozark is done. We see what happens to the Byrd’s and all those drawn into their web of money-laundering including Ruth.

Yes, spoilers ahead.

Bottom line: I don’t think many people expected the Byrd’s to survive. Bad people aren’t supposed to win. After all, Tony Soprano was flash to black, gone. Walter White went down among his prized chemistry equipment. Reflect, though, on the trail of destruction they left behind. The deaths. Lives ruined.

The reality is that bad people overwhelmingly tend to win since they don’t have any rules. Good people are constrained by things like rules and laws. Bad people use rules and laws to manipulate others and when that doesn’t work, they simply break them.

To the point of committing murder. Which is what the son finally did to end the show. Killing the man holding the ashes of the mother’s brother whom she had had killed to save her own ass. What a perfect loop. Everyone is expendable. After all, they are no different than the Cartel where people kill family members as needed.

People might be upset by Ruth’s death, but she also did her revenge killing and paid the price for it. She didn’t have to do that. She chose to. She was happy her record was expunged, but the pesky detail of that recent killing wasn’t part of that record. So that whole thing was bullshit. And Wyatt? Happily digging graves for psychopath Darlene? Did he deserve his fate? He wasn’t an innocent bystander to her death. He was complicit.

They pretend it’s about “family”. Bullshit. It’s about their own driving need. We are seeing the rise of malignant narcissism in society. We had one as president for four years and 63 million people voted for him AGAIN! And people waving his flag stormed the capitol. Almost overthrew the government and probably will in the future. How many of the powerful who planned and instigated that have been arrested. ZERO. They have no sense of shame. They are actively working to do it again for their own reasons. That’s not political, by the way if it offends you. That is reality. Look up the symptoms for malignant narcissism and check the boxes. That is why the ending of Ozark is what we deserve: because it is our reality.

We have two legal systems in this country. One for most of us. And one for the rich and powerful who are very rarely ever held accountable. How many were accountable for the 2008 financial meltdown? But how many walked away with millions and billions? How have billionaires DOUBLED their wealth during a pandemic? Why do we even have over 600 billionaires in this country? It’s not capitalism. It’s because they make the rules and the laws that allow them to get richer while everyone else is on the outside.

Rob a grocery store and get arrested and locked up. Rob the country and get richer.

OZARK is the perfect show for where our country is at. The ruthless and the wicked are winning. And will keep winning.

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