Preparation and Survival Task #9, 10 and 11. Continue Your Area Study. Your Home, Drowning, Fire Prevention and Firearm Safety.

Bob Mayer
2 min readNov 27, 2020

I’m putting these three together. They seem common sense, but then again. I’ll discuss fire further on in more detail.

Task Nine

Mild: Drowning Prevention Checklist

Always monitor young children when bathing.

Insure your dishwasher and washing machine are off when done.

Never leave water running when you’re not watching it. This is not only for injuries but for home damage (speaking from experience).

Don’t use electronics around water, especially the bath.

Keep toilet lids closed.

Pools should be completely enclosed with at least a four-foot high fence and childproof gate.

Never allow children in a pool unsupervised.

Task Ten

Mild: Fire Prevention Checklist

Smoke detectors in every bedroom

Smoke detector on every floor

Test smoke detectors every month

Replace smoke detector batteries every six months

Never leave the kitchen while the stove is on

Never leave candles burning overnight or when not home

Task Eleven

Mild: Firearm Prevention Checklist

All firearms must be secured in a locked area

Locked trigger guards on all firearms

Never leave a loaded firearm unattended

Know and follow all firearms safety rules

Task Ten
Task Eleven

We’ll cover fire prevention and plans further on.

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