Publication Day: Phoebe and the Traitor; Shane free and more

Phoebe and the Traitor

Out 10 days early as a Halloween treat, Phoebe and the Traitor is out in Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, trade paperback and hardcover.

The prequel, Shane and the Hitwoman is free on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited.

Also for Halloween, Hallows Eve is free. Six Time Patrol missions on Hallows Eve, from Martin Luther posting, to the Reuben James being torpedoed over a month before Pearl Harbor, to Shaka Zulu, to the Salem Witch Trials and Gandhi’s assassination. What if something changed in those?

For those of you who are writers or might be doing NanoWrimo, The Novel Writer’s Toolkit is only .99 or Kindle Unlimited. And The Writer’s Little Black Book is free.

And lurking on the horizon, hopefully publishing in 2023, are three collaborations with Jennifer Crusie. A trilogy starring Liz Danger and Vince Cooper. Titles are:

Lavender’s Blue

Rest in Pink

One in Vermillion

I’ll update the web site and send out a newsletter once we get an idea of how and when they will be published, but they are all done.

We hope everyone is enjoying a great fall! Maggie certainly is.

Bob & Scout & Maggie



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