Survival Monday: The Grab-n-Go Bag

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You hear a lot about Grab-n-Go bags. Remember the movie Wild? The beast of a pack she’s carrying at the beginning? Most people think they need everything. My rule of the GnG bag is get what you think, try to put it in the bag, and see how far you can carry it.


Prioritize. This slideshare shows items and also gives buy links for them. I’m trying to make it as easy as possible. Also, you have to consider how many bags you’re going to have. You need at least a home, basic one. But where do you spend most of your time in order? Do you need one at work? Enough to get you home? What about your car? And each has slightly different lists. I’ll post on the car GnG later.

So here you go. Have fun!

And I’ve now put together a free handbook for both preparation and survival, drawn from my two, more complete books. This is because I think the subject matter is so important. It’s free on all eBook platforms, except Amazon, but I’m working on changing that to free.

Just click on the cover on this page for the links:

Originally published at on August 7, 2017.

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