Survival Monday: Why Prepare Now?

44% of households have no first aid kit

48% of households have no emergency supplies

53% of households do not have a three days supply of water

I’m using my Survival Slideshares as they’re the best way to present this information, with links to gear, free apps, etc. Prepare Now-Survive Later (A Common Sense Guide to Prepare for an Uncertain Future) is the most important book I’ve written. Every day I read reports about people who were caught in an emergency, an accident, a disaster, etc and they weren’t ready. I didn’t write this book and it’s companion survival manual for preppers or “end of the world” people. I wrote it for regular people. Who only occasionally worry about whether they are ready to deal with a medical emergency, a car accident, a weather event, etc.

It’s simple to be basically prepared and doesn’t cost much time or money. I wrote the book to start with basics. Then build from there. I think it’s the wisest investment a person can make for themselves and for their families. So here’s why you should prepare now:

Originally published at on June 26, 2017.

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