The New Scorses Movie is

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based on this book. I HEARD YOU PAINT HOUSES is the supposed true story of a mafia hit man and the guy who took out Jimmy Hoffa. Read it years ago as my wife has thousands of what we call “murder and mayhem” books around the house. She is also the resident expert on the mafia and can trace all the connections between it and various politicians, businesses, banks, etc.

Scorsese has assembled an all star cast and it will be interesting to watch. He covers several decades and had to make some of the actors appear younger and that’s causing some stir.

I guess they didn’t find Hoffa’s body when they tore down the old Meadowlands. That was one of the favorite theories.

I think a story about the old mafia is pertinent because what we’re seeing in the present is a merging of governments, organized crime, and multinational corporations.

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