The Unit Meets Warehouse 13 — #1 scifi title right now.

Just thought I’d post this for a little bit as one of my books just hit #1 in Science Fiction on Kindle and #12 overall. The subject line is how I pitched it. We used to wonder who were the guys doing all the black helicopter stuff when I was in Spec Ops, even though we were actually the guys on the black helicopters.

Then, I thought about: what if there are things that go bump in the night? Who deals with that? And I came up with the Nightstalkers. What’s interesting about the name is that’s also the name of the black helicopters unit in the Army, so the team was using a covert units nickname as its own cover. Which makes sense. If you have the weird brain, people in covert ops have.

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Anywho, there it is. One big lesson I’ve learned as I get older is to enjoy good things while they’re happening!

Nothing but good times ahead. Except for those scary things that go bump in the night.

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