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We recently watched The Wife (because my wife always has the controls and always finds the best stuff to watch, and even if she didn’t, I would say she did, because I’ve gotten wiser in my old age).

First, this is a must see, but especially for writers. Trying to avoid spoilers, but let’s say it does touch on the very nature of creativity and how we write. Where does story come from? Is the actual writing the key or the idea or the editing?

Second, Glenn Close gives an Oscar-worthy performance. She plays the wife of an author who has just won the Nobel Prize for Literature. What unwinds as the movie plays along is the time in Sweden for the prize with flashbacks (yes, the dreaded flashback) to their early life together.

The truth is slowly unveiled, but more importantly, this movie, based on the book, The Wife, by Meg Wolitzer, raises some devastating questions about the nature of people and relationships.

These characters are real. They have real joy and real fights. They have a real relationship that has its up and downs.

The ending is intriguing and, as the best stories do, makes you think. There is no convenient black and white, clear-cut wrap up. Nor are the characters all good or all bad. In fact, a great discussion is who actually was the “worse” of the two? Was there a worse?

On other matters– the first three books of my Atlantis series are only .99 each. Just saying. Cool Gus needs to be fed. And Scout is growing fast.

And I’ve added more free slideshows on writing and survival on my free slideshows page.

Originally published at on February 6, 2019.

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