Walking Dead finally figured out there are things called BOOKS

“The key to the future?”

Walking Dead jumped the shark years ago, but it still draws and audience. But like any other show that’s gone on so long, the writers have to search for topics. And now they’ve realized there are things called “books”. And these book things contain something called “knowledge”.

Color me amazed.

Really can’t blame them, because reading a book doesn’t make for good drama, although it makes for good surviving.

Having gone through various survival training and experiences, I decided to write my own survival manual. Mainly for my son and grandsons, to pass on knowledge. But first, I did a survey of what is already out there. Lots of manuals on survival available. However, they all have a slant. Many survivalists think you go from normal living to Shit Hits The Fan and run for the hills, get into a bunker, and shoot anyone coming your way. They talk about rubbing sticks together or using a bow and stick to make fire, etc. etc. etc. etc. eating nuts, skinning animals, etc.

I prefer simpler ways. The first key things that I have yet to find covered in any manual is scavenging. Because before civilization is completely gone and we’re using stone knives, there are going to be lot of the remnants of civilization all around. This is also true of extended extreme emergencies as I define it in my books.

The phase we will go into as civilization is collapsing is called SCAVENGING. There is an art and process to it. And one of the priorities in scavenging, which after however many seasons, someone on Walking Dead figured out is a thing called BOOKS. Books contain knowledge. A lot of knowledge that most people don’t have. Knowledge that commonplace a hundred or two hundred or a thousand years ago.There is also knowledge from NOW, that many people don’t know, such as first aid or land navigation when we don’t have GPS.

Books have that knowledge.

No one can know everything. So in my priority list of scavenging, books rate high.

So, if anyone on Walking Dead would like a copy, just let me know. BTW, the Survive Now manual fits in the pocket s you can carry it along with your crossbow.

Prepare Now-Survive Later

Survive Now-Thrive Later

Originally published at bobmayer.com on March 19, 2018.

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