Walking Dead Season Premiere Thoughts

Just got home yesterday from the west coast and watched the episode.

Shooting from the hip, which sometimes involves shooting one’s foot:

-Rick is a wimp.

-They foreshadowed Abraham too hard last season. He was done.

-Glen came back once. Guess not again.

-Rick (the character) is a coward.

-What’s the point? I don’t really care about any of them in this episode.

-Where’s Carole? She’s had the best arc since the beginning.

-Rick is an nonredeemable coward. A bad store coupon.

-I don’t really care where Carole is because I’m done with it. They always made up the rules as they went along on that show and they continue to do so, but they’ve jumped the proverbial shark.

-They’re all going to be in thrall to Negan for Daryl? That’s just plain dumb. Pack up. Leave. It’s a big country. How do they think it’s going to get any better?

-But dumb has always been the watchword — remember when they lured the horde of walkers out of the quarry where they could have easily burned them all to death, just to set up an entire season? That was super dumb. (BTW, since my new survival prep guide is coming out next month– you should know gas goes bad faster than this show did).

-It was stupid of them at the end of last season to keep trying for help for what’s-her-name, Maggie, when it was so obvious it wasn’t going to work.

-Plus Maggie apparently got a lot better as Glen got his head bashed in. Or did I miss something there? Apparently emotional trauma cured her?

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-Everyone crying? Even the psychopath kid? Negan called that one right first time he saw him.

-Rick is done. He’s not redeemable. He’s a British actor with the worst Southern accent from the start. Next?

-Actually no next.

-No. You’re not just getting started.


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Watch Westworld. That’s some bad ass writing. And they even mentioned our sacred book, sort of, when they talked about the bicameral mind. Got us some Julian Jaynes going on there. All at the core of The Fifth Floor.

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Originally published at writeitforward.com on October 25, 2016.

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